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Pastor Steven Ritchie was born and raised on Long Island, New York. At just 17 years of age he joined the U.S. Marines as an unbelieving atheist. In the spring of 1983, brother Ritchie began attending a Southern Baptist Church in Jacksonville North Carolina until truly being born again of the water and of the Spirit in the fall of 1983. While serving in the U.S. Marines, brother Ritchie faithfully attended the Revival Church Pastored by James Gilbert.


Brother Ritchie said, "Pastor Gilbert and the Elders and saints made an indelible impression upon my whole life and ministry. I will never forget their love and dedication to the cause of Christ in the way they prayed, boldly witnessed the true gospel, and moved in ministry and in the gifts of the Spirit. It did not take long in this on fire, revival atmosphere, to get on fire for God myself.”


Brother Ritchie moved back to Long Island after completion of his military service and faithfully attended Bethel Pentecostal Church under the wise Pastorate of D. D. Davis. Brother Ritchie states, "I gave my life to prayer and assiduous study of the Word of God while attending Bethel Pentecostal Church." During this time, brother Ritchie took many courses offered by Kent Christian College while doing his own self-study. 


In 1992 Brother Ritchie assisted a Home Missions Church in Huntington Long Island and was ordained as an Elder. In 1996 Brother Ritchie started Home Bible Studies in Patchogue Long Island under the auspices of Bishop Scotty Teetz. Brother Ritchie went on to found Pillar of Truth Pentecostal Church of the Apostolic Faith and was ordained as Pastor in September 1996 by Bishop R. H. Carter of Freeport, Long Island. Brother Ritchie served as the Senior Pastor of Pillar of Truth Pentecostal Church until the summer of 2015. That was when brother Ritchie was led to give his full attention to defending the Apostolic Christian Faith as a full time Evangelist and Apologist.


Pastor Ritchie believed that the true church is not an organization, but a Body of believers united by our baptism into the name of Jesus Christ and the infilling of the Holy Spirit. Paul wrote that the church is one body by receiving the Holy Spirit, "By One Spirit are we all baptized into One Body." Brother Ritchie wrote: "Since it is the Spirit who baptizes us into one body, it makes no sense to fragment and divide that body through Organizational separations based upon minor differences."


Global Impact Ministries shall endeavor to keep the unity of the faith in the bond of peace in pursing fellowship with all Christian Believers who truly believe in the foundational doctrines of the Apostolic Faith. We will not allow organizational or non-foundational differences to block our fellowship with any apostolic brethren.


Brother Ritchie was affiliated with the Apostolic World Christian Fellowship, which is a fellowship of ministers who are dedicated to restoring and unifying the body of Christ in preparation for our Lord’s soon return. 

Although Pastor Richie went to be with the Lord on February 19, 2020, his vision lives on in these pages, his books and his videos. He left for us an enduring legacy of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and the Apostolic Faith as exemplified by a life well lived in the service of others and his Lord!


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