Decoding Precepts of Oneness Theology, By Andrew M. Denny Promotes Unitarianism

Decoding Precepts of Oneness Theology

This was my initial response to Brother Nicholas based upon my initial reading of the first few chapters of the book, “Decoding Precepts of Oneness Theology.”

Nicholas Jackson - I also just skimmed through the preview of this new book. While I agree that most Oneness believers tend to lack understanding about Christ’s true humanity, I would not go so far as to say that Jesus is not the Father. I affirm that Jesus is not God the Father with us AS GOD THE FATHER because the scriptures affirm that Jesus is Emmanuel God the Father with us as an authentic human being. For most Oneness believers affirm that “God Himself came into this world AS A HUMAN BEING” (Bernard, The Mediator Between God and Men).

The author (Andrew M. Denny) of the new book, ‘Decoding Precepts of Oneness Theology,’ says that Jesus is not the Father and that God the Father merely indwelt the Son. If Jesus is not the divine person of God the Father manifested in the flesh as an authentic human being, then we are affirming a Unitarian Socinian position which denies the divinity of Christ. True Oneness Theology affirms that God became a son in the incarnation through the virgin and that God’s new human mode of existence was so fully human that he was also indwelt and led by the Spirit of the Father just like all true prophets were.

“Jesus is 100% God as to his true divine identity because the Father’s Substance of Being also became a true human being (Heb. 1:3; Heb. 2:17; Matthew 1:20; John 17:8). Jesus is 100% man as to his true human identity because the Substance of Being of God Himself also became 100% man via his virgin conception and birth.”


The author wrote in his introduction, “Although it may sound strange to hear from a Oneness position, our salvation is not dependent upon recognizing Jesus as the Father … Realistically, if the reader can understand that the Son of God is a human in whom the Spirit of God dwelt then he or she will be able to comprehend what this book offers.”

From reading the first few chapters, it has become plainly apparent that the author does not hold to true Oneness Theology. While it is true that Jesus is a true man in whom the Spirit dwells, his human spirit is God with us in a new human mode of His existence. I read nothing about the Son of God being the divine identity of God Himself who had become a man (“before Abraham was I AM” and so forth). The first few chapters only expressed a Unitarian Socinian theology in which Christ is just a mere man who is not God manifested in the flesh as “God with us” in an authentic human life. Therefore the author holds to a Unitarian Socinian view of the Godhead which denies the divinity of Jesus. I seriously doubt that David Bernard, Daniel Segraves, or any prominent Oneness theologians would endorse this book. And I seriously doubt that any of the ALJC Pastors and leaders in his district will ever endorse his new book which endeavours to refute Oneness Theology rather than uphold it.

Under chapter 1 – Methodology, Andrew Denny wrote that “on the basis of certain lines of doctrine…” (Oneness Pastors and Theologians) “have been found to be inconsistent with the entirety of Scripture.”

Under chapter 1 – Methodology, Andrew Denny wrote, “Instead of explaining that God created a man and dwelt inside him, we interchange terminology to say that God ‘robed Himself in flesh’ in attempts to favour the concept of incarnation … Thus we are forced to explain each passage in terms of modes or manifestations…”

Under Extra Biblical Terminology, Andrew Denny wrote, “Typically, those who interpret Jesus’ statements as a man claiming Deity are focusing on the more indirect statements appearing less often, while disregarding his bold assertions.”

Then in the next paragraph, Andrew Denny actually cited a direct quote in his book from an unknown Muslim blogger who denies the Deity of Christ. The quote can be found toward the end of the blog at this Link:

The Muslim blogger wrote, “He [Jesus] never actually claimed divinity anywhere in the scripture included in the bible. In fact, the statements he says that directly contradict his divinity are far clearer and more in number than the few statements twisted so hard to make it look like he was claiming some sort of divinity.”

I copied and pasted the same words written by a Muslim blogger (simply read the entire post where the blogger says that he is a Muslim) which also appear in Andrew’s new book word for word verbatim. While it is possible that the Muslim blogger stole Andrew Denny’s quote, we still have the evidence to prove that Andrew M. Denny denies the divinity of Jesus Christ the same way that Muslims deny the divinity of Jesus Christ. Need I cite any more evidence from his book to prove that Andrew Denny denies the divinity of Jesus Christ?

The Spirit of Christ in me is VERY GRIEVED about this new book as I know in my Knower that it contains false doctrine which is contrary to Oneness Pentecostal Theology! God is confirming His warning that Andrew Denny’s new book is heretical and that our adversary the devil has moved this man to purposefully deceive Oneness believers into reading his book by making them think that he is a Oneness Apostolic believer, while in reality he is a Unitarian Socinian who denies the divinity of Jesus just as much as Muslims do.

Our adversary the Devil has stealthily devised a deceptive plan to take Christ’s Lambs and Sheep out of Oneness Pentecostal Theology into a Unitarian Socinian Theology by having an imposter write a book against us while claiming to be a Oneness believer. Andrew Denny has clearly rejecting our core foundational Oneness beliefs in his book which actually attacks Oneness Theology at its core rather than supporting it. It seems very apparent that Andrew Denny is pretending to be Oneness in order to deceive the hearts and minds of God’s flock which God has purchased through His own blood (Acts 20:28). Hence, “Decoding Precepts of Oneness Theology” was not written by a Oneness theologian at all, but by a deceptive imposter who may have once been a Oneness believer but now has apostatized from the truth.

Acts 20:27-29 (Berean Study Bible) says, “For I did not shrink back from declaring to you the whole will of God. 28Keep watch over yourselves and the entire flock of which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers. Be shepherds of the church of God, which He purchased with His own blood. 29I know that after my departure, savage wolves will come in among you and will not spare the flock.…”

Upon later examination of the new book entitled, “Decoding Precepts of Oneness Theology,” I found that the author posted two names of people who claim to attend two different ALJC Churches and the name of one person claiming to attend a UPCI Church, but as far as I am aware, not a single Oneness Pastor or Theologian gave an endorsement to Andrew Denny’s new book. That is why he never wrote “Pastor” in front of the names of those who wrote kind remarks about his book.

Here is what Andrew Denny wrote at the beginning of his book, under Testimonials:

“Prior to the publication of Decoding Precepts of Oneness Theology, there were few who had the opportunity of receiving an original copy. Some read the book in its entirety, and others were more interested in specific topics and many covered certain sections or chapters. Among those individuals, the voices below say.”

“Loretta Perry, New Castel IN – ALJC”

“Brandon Bowers, Sparksville, IN – ALJC”

“David N. Loser, Birmingham, AL – UPC”

The fourth testimonial came from D. Ian Cart (B.A. Theology) who said that he was raised Methodist and is not a “Pentecostal.” D. Ian Cart simply wrote that Andrew Denny’s new book was written “on an academic level” and that some of his “arguments” are “legitimate.”

None of the three people listed above are licensed with the ALJC or the UPCI. I looked up Perry, Loretta and Bowers, Brandon in the ALJC Directory of all of its ministers and there is no ALJC Pastor named Loretta Perry and there is no ALJC Pastor named Brandon Bowers.

Anyone can search the ALJC Ministerial Directory and they will not find a Loretta Perry and a Brandon Bowers who are licensed with the ALJC. The ALJC Directory is posted online at

I further typed in David N. Loser in the UPCI Search for Pastors licensed with the UPCI but I could not find a single Pastor licensed with the UPC with that name. I further checked to make sure it was working by typing in a UPCI Pastor I know and I quickly found him with his church location.

Due to the deceptive way that Andrew M. Denny wrote his testimonial endorsements to his book, I had initially thought that two ALJC Pastors and one UPC Pastor actually fell into heresy. Andrew Denny typed out two Testimonials which state their names, locations, and the ALJC (An abbreviation for the Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ), and one with a name and location with the church organization: UPC (An abbreviation for the United Pentecostal Church).

It is very deceptive to post the Oneness Organizations of those who appear to be attending Oneness Churches rather than from licensed Pastors because everyone knows that church attendees to do not represent the doctrinal views of Oneness Organizations. The author should have written that the testimonials came from those who claimed to be attending Oneness Pentecostal Churches rather than from the ALJC or UPC organizations. For an Organizations Pastors are those who represent these Oneness Organizations on a lower level while the Organizations top leaders are those who represent these Organizations on a higher level. Therefore, the ALJC and UPC should not have been included in Andrew Denny’s endorsements of his book because these so called “Testimonials” did not come from a single representative of the ALJC or UPC. Here we can see that Andrew M. Denny was purposefully being deceptive in providing endorsements for his book which appeared to be from the ALJC and UPC but they were not from anyone who would be considered a representative of one of these two Oneness Organizations.

Why did Andrew Denny’s book receive no endorsements from Oneness Pentecostal Pastors or theologians? Surely he should have at least one close Oneness Pentecostal Pastor that he is in fellowship with who would have endorsed his book.

One would think that Andrew Denny would seek endorsements from ministerial colleagues and theologians within Oneness Pentecostalism rather than from two people who are attending churches who have Pastors affiliated with the ALJC. And why is it that all Andrew Denny could find is some kind words from a theologian who admitted that he is not a Pentecostal? Surely a professing Oneness teacher should have some kind of affiliation with Oneness Brethren who are active and recognized ministers of the gospel in recognized Oneness Organizations or Fellowships who would have endorsed his book. Thus it appears that Andrew Denny could not find a single Oneness Pastor who would agree with his theological statements. Wherefore, no Apostolic Saints, especially new converts, should purchase or read Andrew Denny’s new book because his first few chapters clearly express Unitarian Socinian theology rather than true Oneness Pentecostal Theology!

Excerpts From Andrew M. Denny’s Recent Email

Andrew Denny sent me a responding email in which He attempted to Sugar Coat the rejection of his ideology by his Pastor, his local church, and his ALJC District. Andrew Denny stated that he had sent about 30 of his books to nearby ALJC Pastors but none of them have come forward to endorse his book because they have all clearly rejected it for denying the divinity of Christ.

Andrew M. Denny responded to my questions and comments by saying,

“I am a member of an ALJC church, but my circumstances are very unique. I was prepared to face criticism once I published my book, since most of the brethren are simply unfamiliar with the information that I have found.

“For confidential purposes, I have not mentioned my pastors name or church because he has not had time to evaluate the contents in its entirety. He is very aware of my project.”