Millions will die when nuclear weapons are used against Israel’s enemies, Russia, and the United States

“And this shall be the plague wherewith the Lord will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their eye sockets, and their tongues shall consume away in their mouth … And so shall be the plague of the horse, of the mule, of the camel, and of the donkey, and of all the beasts that shall be in these tents, as this plague.’ Zechariah 14:12,15

Bible Prophecy gives our generation ample warning to be ready to flee certain nations before they experience nuclear holocaust. During the cold war with the former Soviet Union there had been much fear of mass death and destruction through the use of atomic bombs. However, most people are unaware that the threat posed by nuclear weapons against America and other parts of the world is more formidable now than ever. Russia has re-emerged as a formidable nuclear threat because it has again stood up against the West while backing terrorist sponsoring nations like Iran, Syria, and Venezuela.

Moreover, various terrorist organizations are supplied with ample funds to plague America and rogue nations like North Korea and Iran (backed by both Russia and China) threaten to reach the entire world with their long range nuclear ballistic missiles. The Bible gives credence to our fears. The prophet Zechariah predicted that a horrifying weapon would be used in modern times. Something so powerful and so sudden that it will burn away flesh, eyes, and tongues while people are yet standing upon their feet. This is exactly what happens when people are killed by the heat of atomic bombs. Human flesh is severely burned away before the bodies have a chance to hit the ground. Zechariah’s prophecy further speaks of the Arab and Muslim Nations that have repeatedly fought against Israel. The mention of camels as well as horses and donkeys makes it quite clear that God is talking about the Muslim peoples that have taken up arms against Israel in the Middle East. What other people have fought against Israel in our present time? The Hebrew Prophets have foretold us that many Muslim people who have chosen to fight against Israel shall be plagued by something so powerful that their eye balls would literally consume away or melt in their eye sockets and their tongues would consume away or literally “melt” within their mouths.

The above description graphically describes the condition of many of the Japanese citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the end of World War II. The heat of the atomic bombs was so great that it literally melted flesh off of human bones right down to the complete disintegration of the eyes and tongues within their skulls. The mention of all kinds of domesticated beasts of burden receiving the same fate as the people gives credence to the fact that this scripture is speaking about Muslim nations. May all people living in nations hostile to Israel be warned before it is to late. ATOMIC BOMBS IN THE BIBLE The domesticated animals mentioned in Zechariah’s prophesy (donkeys and camels) are still prevalent and very popular in the Middle East. That is why we know that it will be the Muslims nations who fight against Israel that will suffer from nuclear holocaust in the Middle East. May many Muslims repent of their hostility towards the Jews before it is to late. The most reliable Islamic records prove that the prophet Muhammad’s anti-Semitism is clearly against the will of God! The Muslims will never annihilate the Jews.

All people who will attempt to annihilate the Jews will themselves be annihilated by God. In this end time many Muslims will realize that their founding prophet was wrong for his anti-Semitism and for his belief that Muslims would annihilate the Jews at the end of this age! It is common knowledge that Israel currently has the atomic bomb as a deterrent to any Arab or Muslim nation that might decide to use the bomb against Israel. Pakistan has already tested its atomic bombs and there are other Muslim nations who are currently working on nuclear weapons that pose a threat to Israel. There is a real possibility that Israel will conduct a preemptive strike against any nation that would develop these weapons of mass destruction. There is much evidence proving that Iran is very close to developing its own nuclear weapons. In 1994 I met an Iranian student that was studying in an American College on Long Island. I witnessed to him and began teaching him a Bible Study. This student bragged to me that his nation was going to obtain the knowledge to produce nuclear weapons. He grinned at me as he stated that his nation was working on producing nuclear weapons and that they were going to have them soon.

I could not help but to believe that he was telling me the truth. I personally believe that he was sent to the United States to gather as much information as possible to help his nation produce atomic warheads. In our greedy world, all you need is money and you can either gain the knowledge to produce whatever you want or you can buy whatever you want. I strongly suspect that Iran will soon obtain nuclear weapons and that this might spark a major war in the Middle East. Israel is the most likely instrument to bring this plague of judgment against its enemies. Just as Haman (See Esther 7:9,10) was killed on the very gallows that he constructed to kill Mordecai the Jew with so will all who construct nuclear weapons to destroy Israel be destroyed by this weapon. Many hostile Muslim nations are rich with oil revenue to have the purchasing power to obtain weapons of mass destruction. Many years ago I read in a newspaper that the terrorist organization headed by Bin Laden had purchased nuclear warheads.

It was reported in an Arab newspaper that Bin Laden’s terrorist organization had paid for nuclear warheads from the former Soviet Union and that he is paying people to convert the warheads into smaller atomic bombs that will fit inside common suit cases. It is obvious what he had intended to do with these suit cases once he obtained them. He could wreak havoc in American cities by sending only one terrorist to each city. If Bin Laden does not complete what he obviously planned to do, some other terrorist leader (possibly within his own organization) might one day have the ability to carry out his plans. One of these suit cases might take out much of Manhattan and leave enough nuclear fall out to kill or severely harm millions of people living in New York City, including its suburbs. In the twin tower disaster America lost about three thousand people.

How many people would be killed with even a small nuclear weapon? What would America’s response be if America was hit by nuclear weapons? Could it set off the next World War? American port cities are always vulnerable from trading with foreign nations. America trades with most countries of the world, including Muslim nations. A terrorist group could easily form or work with a secular corporation to bring in many nukes on cargo ships and have them all explode on the same day to maximize the effect of the attack. America went to war with Afghanistan and Iraq from the loss of just three thousand of its citizens. What would America’s response be if it lost many millions of its people. When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor it outraged the American people. America would probably attack any nation it thinks may be responsible.

America may attack nations like Iran, Syria, and North Korea. It is easy to see how this could escalate into a World War III scenario. Russia and China back Syria, Iran, and North Korea. Most people do not realize how easily another World War could break out at any time. The United States Government cannot keep illegal drugs and illegal immigrants out of its borders. Can Americans really trust their government to protect them from terrorists smuggling in nuclear bombs? Could terrorists sponsored by nations such as Iran and Syria (both allies of Russia) set off the next World War? Russia is giving its high tech long range bombers and nuclear secrets to Venezuela. If Russia is really America’s friend then why does Russia support every nation that opposes the United States? The atomic bombs used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not as powerful as the nuclear warheads of today. Modern nuclear warheads are said to be many more times powerful than the bombs used on Japan at the end of the War.

A small nuclear device might do as much damage as was done to two Japanese cities. The people living in America must wake up to the realization that we are not as safe as we thought we were. We are all in grave danger of a sudden nuclear holocaust. Years ago, America was relatively safe from foreign bombings due to the vast Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Modern day advances in technology have given hostiles nations, including terrorists, the ability to wage war on the United States without needing a vast modern army. Many intelligent men, including Warren Buffet, believe that it is not a question of if, but when, major U.S. cities will be struck with nuclear weapons. May all be ready to die in a saved state. For all who are not in a right relationship with God when they die will suffer the eternal torments of Hell.

Hell is far worse than the brief encounter with death that we all must face sooner or later (Read Revelation Chapter twenty). Not only does the Bible predict that many Muslim nations would suffer from nuclear holocaust. The prophet Ezekiel predicted that Russia and America would also be devastated by these weapons: “And I will send a fire on Magog, and among them that dwell carelessly in the Isles.’ Ezekiel 39:6 Most Bible prophecy scholars and teachers believe that this scripture is speaking of Russia and the United States. Magog is an ancient name for the people of Russia. Those dwelling carelessly in the Isles (The Hebrew word can mean “Isles”, “Coastlands”, or “distant shores”) is believed to be United States because we have not known the devastation of modern warfare in our continent within the past 100 years.

Therefore it is the United States of America who dwells carelessly in the Isles - or “distant shores” of the New World. To the people of ancient times the New World would be considered “distant shores” or Islands that are afar off since North and South America are separated from the rest of the world by the enormous Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. What would happen if terrorists started a wide scale bombing of American cities. America might respond with nuclear weapons against rogue nations that sponsor terrorists. Israel would surely respond if it was attacked with nuclear weapons. Terrorists could easily set off a global nuclear confrontation. No one knows for sure exactly how it will all begin but the Bible clearly states that it is just a matter of time until America, Russia, and those who would dare to fight against Israel in the near future will be devastated by nuclear weapons.

Christians living in North America, Russia, and certain Muslim nations must be prepared to exit those nations in the near future or they will also die in the nuclear attacks. Since the Americas are separated by the enormous Atlantic and Pacific Oceans ancient peoples would have viewed the distant continents of North and South America as Isles or distant shores. The Red arrows below show that the Americas are separated from the rest of the world by the vast Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Hence they are clearly “distant shores” to the rest of the world! The prophet Ezekiel predicted that Russia will invade a greater Israel after Israel expands its territory through the next war in the Middle East. After the war, there will be an infusion of American Jews into Israel.

Therefore Russia will come against a very strong, populated, and prosperous Israel with a vast army, including many troops from allied nations. This will one day escalate into a nuclear war between the United States and Russia. When Israel wins the next Arab Israeli War and expands its territory to accommodate millions of Jews from the United States and other nations around the world, most of the world will be outraged. Could the next Arab Israeli war be the catalyst to stir up Russia to eventually invade Israel? Since Russia has a naval base on the Mediterranean coast of Syria it is very probable that the Russian air force and navy might get involved directly in the next Arab - Israeli war. Russia also backs Iran by providing assistance with their nuclear reactor and advanced weapons technologies. Whe