How are Christians to understand how the One Being called God can manifest Himself

as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit while still being called the “Holy One (Isaiah 30:12)?” Jesus

gave us the answer in John 5:39: “Search the scriptures; for in them you think you have

eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.” Jesus never told us to search outside

of the scriptures in the historic creeds of professing Christianity to find eternal life. The

Catholic creeds were written hundreds of years after the scriptures were written and no

prophet or apostle ever developed them.

God’s word commands us to read what the scriptures state because the scriptures

contain the pure and unadulterated divine authority of the Words of God Almighty!

Therefore we must never look to any authority but the Word of God itself to formulate

our theological or doctrinal teachings. Yet the vast majority of professing Christianity

has turned away from the pure teachings of scripture to the theological speculations

that were developed hundreds of years after the New Testament was written.

This book endeavors to explain what the scriptures teach on the Oneness of God’s

Being with intellectual honesty and integrity.

The Supreme Being of the Bible not only points out errors in the Trinitarian position but also a common error among some modern Apostolic Christians [Oneness Pentecostals] who state

that the Son of God is merely “God enrobed in flesh.” The author admits that both Trinitarian and Oneness believers have twisted many scriptures to try to make them fit into their presupposed

theological positions. Trinitarians have been guilty of twisting the scriptures dealing

with the man Christ Jesus to try to prove that Jesus is an eternally existent second divine

person. Trinitarians also use many unscriptural titles for the Son such as, “Eternal

Son, Eternally Begotten Son, Second Divine Person” and “God the Son.” Some Oneness

Pentecostals have also been guilty of twisting scriptures dealing with the man Christ

Jesus to try to assert that Jesus was merely God enrobed in an external shell of human

flesh. These two erroneous views about the Son of God have made both Trinitarian and

Oneness teachers look bad in public debates with each other and with Muslims and

Jehovah Witnesses.


God our Father, in the name of your holy child Jesus,

please use this simple book to open the eyes of multitudes of your sincere followers;

that they may know the truth and nothing but the truth about the essence of your divine

Being as you have revealed in the writings of your servants the Apostles and Prophets.

Father, please use this book to make your bride ready so that she will truly know you

and that you will truly know her before your soon return. For Jesus Himself stated that

the true bride of Christ (the true Church) must know who her husband really is. Jesus

said, “I know My sheep, and AM KNOWN BY MY OWN.” (John 10:14) “He who has ears,

let him hear (Matthew 11:15).” This book was written to restore the Church back to the

original untainted teachings of the first century apostles of Jesus Christ.

The fifth century A.D. Trinitarian Athanasian Creed itself openly admits a belief

in three literal divine persons by repeatedly using the plural word “THEIR” for the

three alleged divine persons: “THEIR glory equal, THEIR majesty coeternal.” “In THEIR

entirety THE THREE PERSONS are coeternal and coequal with each other.” Yet we never find the word “THEIR” referencing the one true God in the Bible. Hence, the Trinitarian

Creed could not be Biblical! I challenge everyone to search the entire Bible and see.

You will never find the One true God ever referenced as a “they, their, or them.” Nor

will you ever find the One True God ever referenced as “Three Divine Persons.”


If you profess to believe that God is a Trinity of three divine persons then your

Trinitarian Creed itself calls you a member of the Universal Catholic Faith. Most

Christians do not realize that the Catholic Bishops of the fourth and fifth centuries who

helped to develop the Trinitarian Creed were also influential in instituting prayers to

Mary as the “Queen of Heaven” and as the “Mother of God.” See my e book entitled

“Are Catholic Popes Infallible?” “see my E Book, “Are Catholic Popes Infallible” (under

World Religions)?”

The worship of Mary was instituted by the Catholic Church at the council

of Ephesus in 430 A.D. This just happens to be the century when the Trinitarian

Athanasian Creed was developed.


“Whoever desires to be saved should above all hold to THE CATHOLIC FAITH.