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FIVE FOUNDATIONAL PILLARS OF ISLAM AN HONEST SEARCH FOR THE TRUE RELIGION Produced By Pillar of Truth Publications Copyright 2008 Free copies may be printed and distributed but no money is to be made or received for doing so!

If we are to find the one true religion we must be willing to take an intellectually honest look at the alleged foundational evidence of the religion we were raised in and compare our findings with the alleged evidence of other religions. Any religion that cannot stand up to critical examination is not worth following. It makes clear and reasonable sense that the One True Allah [Allah simply means God in Arabic] would back up His One True Religion with clear signs and infallible proofs confirming the Words of its founding Prophet(s) or Apostle(s). If Allah is an Almighty, All-Knowing, and All-Wise God then it is reasonable to expect that His chosen Prophets or Apostles who founded the true religion would speak with infallible utterances and with signs and miracles confirming the true religion of Allah. Hence, there should not be any historical, scientific, doctrinal, or prophetic errors or contradictions inherent within their utterances or inspired writings.

This book entitled, “The Five Pillars of Islam - The True Qur’anic Foundation” deals with the Five Foundational Reasons why the Prophet Muhammad believed Islam to be the One True Religion of Allah rather than the five compulsory duties all Muslims are commanded to keep. The Prophet Muhammad clearly gave five basic foundational pillars in the Qur’an why he thought that Islam was the one true religion of Allah that was to supercede all others.

What do we mean by a foundational religious pillar? A foundational religious pillar consists of a justifiable and factual reason one can submit to others (even one’s critics) giving concrete evidence why ones religion is the true one. And just as a building needs more than one foundational pillar to support its superstructure, so also does the One True Religion of Allah have more than one clear proof [foundational pillar] to give clear testimony to all of mankind that its origin is indeed from Allah.

Moreover, if a devout follower of a particular religion cannot find any substantial evidence to support his or her religious affiliation then it is reasonable to suspect that this religion is false. Many intellectually honest individuals have diligently searched for evidence to support their particular religion but were shocked to find damaging evidence proving that the religion they were raised in was false and that another religion contained a vast array of evidential foundational pillars giving substantial and concrete reasons why it is the One True Faith of Allah. If one’s alleged foundational religious pillars [evidential facts] cannot withstand the critical scrutiny of those who oppose a particular religion, then this religion cannot be a true religion of Allah.

Pagan religious writings are not included in this book because the authors have not found any justifiable evidence to support the veracity of other world religions such as Hinduism or Buddhism. Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are the only world religions covered in this book because Christianity and Islam claim to fulfill the previous revelations given to the Children of Israel.

Since all religions differ from one another on many foundational issues, all cannot be right. Someone must be wrong! Therefore we challenge all people everywhere to examine their particular religious affiliation to make sure it is founded on solid foundational pillars of truth and credibility. If there is no substantial evidence giving justifiable reasons why one is a Catholic, Protestant, Sunni or Shiite believer, then it makes clear sense that this person has been deceived by a false religious system all of his or her life. And if a particular religion is proven to be false, then one must have enough honesty and integrity before Allah to abandon his or her past faith and embrace the true one - even if this means being rejected and persecuted by one’s family, friends, and the religious people associated with one’s culture. For why should anyone spend the rest of his or her entire lifetime diligently pursuing a religion that is not founded by the One true Allah Himself. And why would one knowingly choose to follow a false religion emanating from Satan? Why would anyone knowingly allow himself and his family to end up facing the eternal consequences of a very painful everlasting punishment in hell just to be accepted by the majority of people one knows?

What a tragedy that so many people around the world are wasting their precious lives by dedicating themselves to so many different false religions or diverse sects within these religions? If all religious people everywhere would carefully examine the foundational integrity of their particular religions with an intellectually open and honest heart, then all of humanity would find and acknowledge the One True Religion of Allah.

Unfortunately, most people are not willing to carefully examine their particular religion to make sure it is indeed the right one! Therefore the great majority of people who have lived their short lives here on planet earth will suffer the consequences for choosing to follow one of Satan’s many false religions. The Prophet Jesus said, “If the [spiritually] blind lead the [spiritually blind] both will fall into the ditch (Matthew 5:14).” Both the false religious leaders and their followers shall fall into everlasting punishment. This is why it is necessary for every man and every woman to carefully examine the original foundations of their religious faith. It is very careless and reckless for anyone to take the chance on one’s religion being the right one just because it was the religion he or she was raised in from birth.

Any religion that cannot endure intellectual critique, but has to resort to physical violence to suppress any opposition has very weak foundational pillars. A religion having weak foundational legs cannot be the true religion of Allah. For Allah is Almighty and wise. He could never make the mistake of building His religion without ample foundational pillars to back it up as the one true religion mankind is to follow.

It has been said, “Does it really make sense that the geographical location of ones birth or the particular family tree into which one was born should determine ones religion?” If a person is born in Argentina, he or she will probably be raised a Catholic. If a person is raised in India, he or she will probably be raised a Hindu. And if a person is born in Pakistan he or she will probably be raised a Muslim.

Most religious people on our planet have blindly followed the particular religion into which they were born and raised without carefully examining the intellectual integrity of its foundational pillars. For just as a large building needs strong and true foundational pillars to 3 stand the test of time, so does the one true spiritual religion of Allah have strong and dependable foundational pillars that can withstand all ridicule of men.

If the religion of our family or ancestors is proven false then we must be honest enough to accept the truth about the matter and honestly seek only the truth that comes from Allah. It makes no sense to blindly follow ones particular religion into which one was raised without taking the time to carefully critique the intellectual credibility of its origin.

About two thousand years ago the great ancestors of all later Muslims and Christians did not embrace Islam or Christianity because the vast majority of the world’s population were born and raised as pagans. Just two thousand years ago the religion now known as Islam did not yet exist because the Prophet Muhammad was not born until the seventh century AD. About two thousand years ago Christianity was still in its infancy and Christians were only a very small part of the population of the known world. According to the annals of history, your long distant ancestors were probably pressured to convert into the particular religion you are now embracing today through fear of harsh persecution and even death. The great majority of professing Christians in Europe were coerced and pressured into embracing the various Church State forms of Denominational Christianity. The same can be said of many of the earliest peoples converting to Islam. They were pressured to join the new religion of Islam through fear of forced slavery, heavy taxation, or bodily harm.

It behooves all followers of the various world wide religions to carefully and critically examine the original foundational pillars of their religions and compare the resultant evidence with other world religions to ensure that the particular religion one is following is in fact, the One True Religion of Allah [God] Himself. If the religion you are following does not claim to have any justifiable evidence to supports its claim to be truthful, then it is necessary to question the accuracy of it’s original founder(s). And if there is another religion which does have clear and justifiable foundational religious pillars that cannot be denied, then that religion ought to be cheerfully embraced as the true one.

According to The Qur’an, the true faith of Muslims and Christians is rooted in the unadulterated faith of the Torah of Judaism and the Gospel of Christianity. Yet both Muslims and Christians have tended to ignore much of the Jewish and Christian Scriptures which the prophet Muhammad had declared to be a “guidance” and “light” for true God-fearing worshipers of Allah.

Surah 5: 46-48 “After them we sent Jesus, son of Mary, confirming what he had before him of the Torah, and We gave him the Gospel, wherein is guidance and light, confirming what he had before him of the Torah and a guidance and admonition to the God-fearing. And let the People of the Gospel judge in accordance with what Allah has revealed in it. He who does not judge according to what Allah has revealed - those are the transgressors. And We have revealed to you the Book in truth, confirming the scriptures that preceded it and superceding it.”

Christians who truly worship Allah are commanded by the prophet Jesus to “. . . love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you . . . (Matthew 5:44).” Yet the majority of so called Christians have hated and persecuted Muslims and Jews (and other Christians not subscribing to their particular denominational creeds) through most of recorded history. The supposed followers of Christ thought they were doing Allah service by brutally murdering Muslims, alleged heretical Christians, and Jews. Moreover, the Jews also thought that they did Allah service by murdering many of Allah’s Apostles and Prophets.

The author believes that the spirit and attitude of the prophet Jesus, “Love your enemies,” ought to be practiced whenever we debate with other religions. For the true religion of Allah stands on its own enduring foundational pillars. Allah does not need the power of human might to suppress his detractors. For our Allah is an Almighty and all powerful Allah. If Allah willed, He could easily suppress or kill anyone He chooses at any time. He does not need human might to do so. Surah 2:148 “Surely Allah has power over all things.”

The Prophet Muhammad was truly a very famous and charismatic man of history. He displayed great courage and persistence in the face of rejection, persecution, and great military opposition. But these facts do not make Islam true. The Qur’an teaches that Allah gave the Prophet Muhammad clear proofs inherent in the miraculous nature of the Qur’an. The authors use numerous quotes taken directly from the Qur’an to show the real foundational pillars by which this great world religion was founded upon. Can the following foundational pillars of Islam really hold up to the intellectual scrutiny of all men world wide?


The “people of the Book” (The Bible) were at first treated very well by the Prophet Muhammad during his early Meccan ministry because Allah had informed him that they would accept him as a true prophet. The Qur’an states that both the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures were in harmony with the Prophet’s new revelations which he claimed to receive from the angel Gabriel. This angel encouraged Muhammad to allay his doubts about the veracity of the Qur’anic Revelations by going to the people of the book (The Bible).

Islamic History reveals that Muhammad first thought it was an evil spirit that was forcing him to start this new religion so he had much doubt about these revelations being truly from Allah. Therefore, the Qur’an declares that Allah comforted Muhammad with the following words:

“If you were in doubt as to what We have revealed unto you, then ask those who have been reading The Book (The Bible) from before you: The truth has indeed come to you from your lord. So be in no wise of those in doubt.” Qur’an 10:94

There is abundant historical Muslim Commentary to prove (along with the original Arabic Text) that Allah Himself was encouraging the Prophet Muhammad to ask those who have knowledge of the previous Bible Revelations if he was “in doubt” or did “not know” for sure that the Qur’an was a true confirmation of the Torah and the Gospel. Hence, the Qur’an clearly declares that the truth of the Islamic Religion is founded on the truth of the previous scriptures in The Bible. When Muhammad eventually did meet with and ask those who have been reading the Book (The Bible) they rejected him as a false prophet.

The following verses from the Qur’an provide sufficient evidence to prove that the People of the Book never allayed Muhammad’s doubts, nor did his encounters with Christians and Jews confirm the veracity of the new Islamic Religion: Surah 2:145 “Were you even to come to the People of the Book with every proof, they will not follow your Qibla, nor will you follow their Qibla.”

Surah 5:51 “O believers, do not take the Jews and the Christians as friends: some of them are friends of each other. Whoever of you takes them as friends is surely one of them. Allah indeed does not guide the wrongdoers.” Surah 2:109 “Many of the People of the Book wish, out of envy, to turn you back into unbelievers after the Truth had become manifest to them.” Surah 9:29 “Fight against such of those to whom the Scriptures were given as believe neither in Allah nor the Last Day, who do not forbid what Allah and His Apostle have forbidden, and do not embrace the true Faith, until they pay tribute out of hand and are utterly subdued.

Here we have a clear contradiction in which some Surah’s say that the People of the Book would confirm to Muhammad that his revelations were indeed from Allah. Yet other Surah’s say that the People of the Book rejected the Qur’an and were enemies who were opposed to the New Islamic Faith. There are no verses in the Qur’an to show that the Prophet Muhammad ever had his doubts removed by having the People of the Book endorse his revelations in The Qur’an.