The Son In Creation, Proverbs 8:22-30, Colossians 1:15-18, Revelation 3:14

God Created The Ages Through His Son

Oneness believers affirm that the One who was manifested in the flesh to become the child born and son given is the Mighty God and Everlasting Father Who alone created all things by His own invisible Hands. In contradistinction, the Son of God is the man Christ Jesus who could not have created all things as a Son because the scriptures teach that the Son is the man who was conceived in the virgin and born at Bethlehem. Thus, only the Oneness interpretation brings harmony to all of the scriptural data because the Son is addressed as “the beginning of the creation of God” (Rev. 3:14) in God’s prophetic blueprint for the ages while also being addressed as God Almighty (Isaiah 9:6; Heb. 1:8-10).

Revelation 3:14 proves that Jesus as a Son was “the beginning OF the creation OF GOD”.

Trinitarians and Arians (such as Jehovah’s Witnesses) cannot explain how Jesus was in the creation as a part of God’s creation while actually being the creator himself. For how could the creator as the Creator have ever been created? If God used a distinct person other than Himself to create all things as His agent, then why would God say in Isaiah 44:24, “I am the LORD (Jehovah), who made all things, who ALONE stretched out the heavens, Who spread out the earth BY MYSELF … (Isaiah 44:24)?” Notice the words, “Alone” and “By Myself”. When we compare Isaiah 44:24 with Isaiah 64:8 and Psalm 8:5-6 (Psalm 8:5-6 is cited in Hebrews 2:7 to prove that Jesus is the appointed ruler over the works of the Father’s hands), we find that it is the Father alone who created all things and that the Son is the appointed ruler over the works of the Father’s hands.

If a man hires a contractor as his agent to build a house, could the man say that he created the house “ALONE” and “BY HIMSELF” without lying? Could our Heavenly Father have lied about creating the heavens and the earth by Himself while He actually used another distinct person as His agent to actually do all of the creating for Him? This is what Trinitarians and Arians (Jehovah’s Witnesses) are saying when they falsely allege that the Son was the Father’s agent in creating all things for God the Father.

Hebrews 2:7 cites Psalm 8:5-6 to show that God the Father, “… appointed him (the Son) to rule over THE WORKS OF YOUR HANDS (the Father’s Hands).” Hebrews 2:7 / Psalm 8:6

Since inspired scripture distinguishes the Son as being the one appointed to rule over the works of the Father’s hands, we know that the Son as the Son could not have created anything. For the Father alone is called the creator who created all things by His own invisible hands while the Son is the appointed ruler over the works of God the Father. Therefore, the scriptural evidence diametrically opposes both Trinitarianism and Arianism.

Trinitarians and Jehovah’s Witnesses both allege that the Son pre-existed as God’s agent before his birth at Bethlehem. Yet how could the person called the Son of God (or an angelic son) have existed as a son or an angel while not speaking to the Israelites? Hebrews 1:1-2 clearly states that God did not speak to humanity through a Son until the last days. Therefore the Son could not have pre-existed his birth while not speaking to God’s people.

“God, who in ancient days spoke to our forefathers in many distinct messages and by various methods through the Prophets, has AT THE END OF THESE DAYS spoken to us through a Son, WHO IS THE PREDESTINED LORD OF THE UNIVERSE, and THROUGH WHOM HE MADE THE AGES (aiones = Ages or time periods).” (Hebrews 1:1-2 - Weymouth Translation)

Acts 2:17 proves that God poured out His Spirit “in the last days,”

“It shall come to pass IN THE LAST DAYS, says God, that I will pour out of My Spirit upon all flesh …” (Acts 2:17 / Joel 2:28-32)

We know that the last days could not have been during the time of the Old Testament prophets. Acts chapter two proves that the last days began within the lifetime of Jesus and the first century apostles. Therefore the Son could not have existed to create the world before his birth because the Son never spoke “to us” as a Son until the last days.

Wherefore, the scriptures prove that God created the ages through Christ rather than the actual physical creation of the world. Many translations erroneously translate the Greek word “aiones” as “worlds” but that is not the literal translation of the word “aiones” which means “ages” or “time periods”. Since human “time periods” could not have been literally created as a physical creation, God the Father must have created the time periods of human history through His Son within His mind and plan for the ages rather than the physical creation which came later (Genesis 1:1-3).

“He is the image of the invisible God, THE FIRSTBORN OF ALL CREATION, because IN HIM WERE CREATED ALL THINGS in the heavens and upon the earth, the VISIBLE and the INVISIBLE, whether THRONES or LORDSHIPS or RULERS or AUTHORITIES; all things have been created by Him and for Him.” Colossians 1:15-16 - Berean Literal Bible

Hebrews 1:2 and Colossians 1:16 prove that God the Father created the ages (time periods) in the predestined Son, through the predestined Son, and for the predestined Son, by His expressed thought (His spoken Word/logos). We know that time periods were not literally created in the Genesis act of creation. Nor could the human lords, rulers, and authorities of all ages listed in Colossians 1:16 have been created to occupy the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve in the Genesis narrative.


God’s elect were predestined according to God’s plan for the ages which was foreknown in the counsel of God’s expressed thought (John 1:1) before the creation of the world.


The Scriptures inform us that God first created His invisible plan for the ages by the counsel of His expressed will (John 1:1 - word/logos), then He used that invisible plan (word/logos) to physically create all things much like an architect first creates his detailed plan on a blueprint and then uses the details of that blueprint to physically create the building. The plan of God was expressed through Christ as "the firstborn of all creation (Colossians 1:15)." Hence, Jesus was first conceived in the mind and plan of God before everything else, then God pre-planned all human ages with their future inhabitants in which Christ was the reason and purpose for the ages.

Joseph Herrin wrote in his introduction to his book, “God’s Plan For The Ages”,

“Before Yahweh ever began to create, He had established a master plan for the ages. All would culminate in a great final age of the ages when all would be reconciled to the Father, when sin and death would be no more.”

Isaiah 41:4 proves that Yahweh God the Father is the One "Who has performed and accomplished it, Calling forth the generations from the beginning?"

The generations of all human history were already called forth by God’s spoken Word (His expressed thought/Logos) “from the beginning” (before the creation actually took place). It is in this sense that Christ is called, “The beginning OF the creation OF GOD” in Revelation 3:14 and “the firstborn of all creation” in Colossians 1:15. God first spoke His Word (His expressed thought) in which the Son was “the beginning OF the creation OF GOD”. Then all things were created through that expressed thought of the only true God the Father. For our God calls the things which do not exist as if they already existed (Romans 4:17) which explains why Jesus as a Son is called, “the Lamb slain from the creation of the world” (Rev. 13:8).


The original Greek word is “aiones” which literally means “ages” or “time periods”. If the apostle had meant “worlds” or the “universe”, he would have used the Greek word “Kosmos” which literally means the physical “worlds” or “universe”. Anyone who will look at the original Greek text in any Interlinear or Lexicon will find that the original Greek text in Hebrews 1:2 uses the Greek word “aiónes” which is literally translated as “spaces of time, ages”. This explains why some Greek scholars have correctly translated Heb. 1:2 as “ages” rather than “worlds” or “universe”.

Hebrews 1:2, Weymouth New Testament “… has at the end of these days spoken to us through a Son, who is the pre-destined Lord of the universe, and through whom He made the Ages.”

Young's Literal Translation “in these last days did speak to us in a Son, whom He appointed heir of all things, through whom also He did make the ages;”

Jubilee Bible 2000 “has in these last times spoken unto us by his Son, whom he has appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the AGES;”

Since Genesis chapter one does not mention the ages of humanity being created during the creation week, we know that God must have first created a detailed plan from His own mind (logos) much like we finites first create detailed blueprints from our minds before we actually begin to build anything. This is precisely what the apostle John intended when he wrote that the word (logos = the expressed plan of God) became flesh as Christ (John 1:14). For no one creates a building project without first expressing his thoughts in a detailed plan (a blueprint). In like manner, God first created His Heavenly blueprint for all of His creation, including His foreknown plan for the ages of human history, before He commenced His actual creation in the Genesis narrative.

This is the precise meaning of Colossians 1:15-16 (NIV), “The Son is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation (before the actual creation in Genesis one). For IN [en] HIM all things were created: things in [en] heaven and on earth, VISIBLE and invisible, whether thrones or lordships or rulers or authorities; all things have been created THROUGH him and FOR HIM.”

Since the VISIBLE “THRONES, LORDSHIPS, RULERS, AND AUTHORITIES” of all human history were not actually created with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, the future leaders of human history were already pre-created “THROUGH” Christ and “FOR” Christ in God’s heavenly blueprint for the ages. For just as an architect first pre-creates a detailed blueprint before actually building a building, so our Heavenly Father first created His blueprint for the ages in which Christ was the reason and purpose for all created things. Therefore, Colossians 1:16 could not be addressing the actual creation of human “rulers” and “authorities” in Genesis chapter one.

The same is true in Heb. 1:2, the “AGES” (Time Periods) of all human history could not have been actually created through Christ in Genesis chapter one before those “ages” actually became a reality (such as the New Testament Age of Grace). In like manner, Hebrews 11:3 states that the ages were framed (readied or prepared) by the word of God. “Through faith we understand that the ages (aiones) were framed (katartizo – “fit together, ready, prepare”) by the word of God, that which is seen being made of that which was not seen (Heb. 11:3, Jubilee Bible).”

Young’s Literal translates Hebrews 11:3, “By faith we understand the ages (aiones) to have been prepared (katartizo – “fit together, ready, prepare”) by a saying of God, in regard to the things seen not having come out of things appearing.” Young’s Literal Translation

The International Standard Version translates Hebrews 11:3, “By faith we understand that time (aiones) was created (katartizo – “fit together, ready, prepare”) by the word of God, so that what is seen was made from things that are invisible.”

Strong’s Concordance says that “aiones” literally means, “ages, or cycles of times”.

Furthermore, Strong’s states that the Greek verb katartizó (kat-ar-tid'-zo) literally means to “fit together, prepare.” The NAS Exhaustive Concordance says that the Greek verb