It has been said, “Does it really make sense that the geographical location of ones birth or the particular family tree into which one was born should determine ones religion?” If a person was born in Southern Europe or South America, he or she will probably be raised a Catholic. If a person was born in the Middle East or North Africa, he or she will probably be raised a Muslim. If a person was born in South East Asia he or she will probably be raised a Buddhist. And if a person was born in India, he or she will probably be raised a Hindu.

Most religious people have blindly followed the particular religion into which they were born and raised without carefully examining the intellectual integrity of its foundational beliefs. If a religion is really a true religion then it must present some convincing reasons why people should believe it above other religions. For if everyone simply believes in their different religions simply because they were raised that way then all religions could be considered true no matter how different they are from one another.

For example, Muslims and Jews believe that there is only one God yet Hindu’s and Shintoists believe in many Gods. Catholics believe in prayers to the saints while Protestants do not. Jehovah’s witnesses believe that Jesus is Michael the archangel “manifested in the flesh” rather than the Bible’s teachings that “God was manifested in the flesh (1 Timothy 3:16).” Can all of the various world religions and sects of these religions be true while they are diametrically opposed to each other? How can one religion believe that God is ONE Divine Individual and another religion believe that God is MANY different Divine Individuals? God cannot be both ONE BEING and MANY BEINGS at the same time? Therefore it is clear that all of the world’s different religions cannot all be right!

How then can the average seeker find the true religion from the many false? The only way to know for sure if one is really in the true religion is for that person to carefully examine his or her particular religious affiliation to make sure it is founded on solid foundational pillars of truth and credibility. The evidence proving the one true religion should be clearly understood and explained in the presence of other hostile religions. If there is no substantial evidence giving justifiable reasons why one is a Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, etc. then it makes clear sense that the followers of this religion have been deceived by a false religious system. And if the majority of the world’s religions are false then it makes reasonable sense to honestly take a careful look at one’s own religion to ensure that it is indeed the right one! Have you ever done this? Most people have accepted the religion that they were raised in as the true one without ever seriously taking the time and effort to question its validity. If a person honestly investigates the reasons why a religion claims to be true and finds that this particular religion (that he or she was raised in or has embraced) is proven false, then one must have enough honesty and integrity to abandon this religion (or sect of a world religion) and embrace the true one. If a person sees that their religious affiliation is false but he or she is afraid to leave that religion because of fear of being rejected or persecuted by one’s family, friends, and the religious people associated with one’s culture, then that person is a religious hypocrite who loves the approval of men more than the approval of God (or the gods of Paganism). For why should anyone spend the rest of his or her entire lifetime diligently pursuing a religion that is not founded on intellectual truth and credibility? And why would one knowingly choose to follow a false religion with false promises? And why would anyone knowingly allow himself and his family to waste their lives away pursuing a religion that is false?

Below: Catholic Popes forced Catholicism upon most of Europe and Latin America. Can one’s religion be right because it was forced upon his ancestors centuries ago?

Eternity is too long to take the chance on being wrong! If you choose the wrong religion in this short life it will determine where you spend all eternity. In other words, if you diligently follow the right religion you will be rewarded with great blessings and eternal life (most of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam believes in eternal life) but if you have the wrong religion you will receive no blessing at all, but rather, eternal damnation in Hell (most of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam believes in eternal damnation in Hell). No matter what your religious affiliation is I’m sure that there are great blessings promised to the faithful and great punishments promised to the unfaithful. Therefore it is necessary to make sure you are truly in the right religion so that you do not waste your life chasing false promises and false rewards that will never come to you and to your family. For eternity is too long to be wrong!

If we are to make sure that we are in the right religion and that we are rightly rewarded we must be willing to take an intellectually honest look at the alleged foundational evidence of the religion we were raised in (or the one we have subsequently embraced) and compare our findings with the alleged evidence of other religions. Any religion that cannot stand up to critical examination is not worth following. Many false religions use fear tactics and threats to keep adherents in the same false religion from generation after generation.

If a religion is established upon the fear of men then it cannot be true. Man’s intimidation, persecution, and punishment against those who turn away from a particular religion is not a justifiable reason to follow that religion. If people are constantly threatened to stay in a particular religion rather than being given evidence for faith in that religion then it is not truth that the religion is built upon but the fear of men. Many who have decided to change their religion have been severely persecuted by people in their former religion because the former religion was not built upon truth. Many people have even been disowned by their parents and family members just because they rejected the religion that they were born and raised in. Any religion that rams its beliefs down people’s throats without giving adult people a choice to accept or reject it cannot be a true religion. For how will the Divinity judge the world for wrongdoing if all people are forced to do right?

It makes clear and reasonable sense that a Divine Religion would back up its teachings with clear signs and infallible proofs confirming the Words of its founding Prophet(s), Apostle(s), or Teacher(s). The true religion should obviously stand out from the many false religions so that all mankind could easily know the true religion from the many false religions! If the Deity in any religion is Almighty, All-Knowing, and All-Wise, then it is reasonable to expect that His chosen Prophets, Apostles, or Teachers who founded the tru