Gary and Sharon Abernathy

Missionary, AfricaZambia

Randy and Carolyn Adams

Regional Director, Africa

Michael and Danan Benson

Missionary, Africa, Benin, Central African Republic

Colleen Carter

Missionary, AfricaGhana

Gerald and Darla McLean

Missionary, Africa, Nigeria

Steve and Yvette Phelps

Missionary, AfricaNigeria

Chris and Paula Richardson

Missionary, Africa, Madagascar

Nick and Pam Sisco

Missionary, Africa, Ghana

Richard and Pamela Smoak

Missionary, Africa, Burundi, Tanzania

Craig and Lyna Sully

Missionary, AfricaFrench West AfricaSenegal

Logan and Hannah Blackmon

Missionary, Africa, Guinea

Chris and Penny Gibbs

Missionary, Africa, Malawi

Patrick and Jean Groves

Missionary, Africa, Kenya, Sudan

Keith and Beth Ikerd

Missionary, Africa, Namibia

Louis and Martha Johnson

Missionary, Africa, Rwanda, Ethiopia

Mike and Lisa Long

Missionary, Africa, Zimbabwe

Jonathan and Monica Parker

Missionary, Africa, eSwatini

Randall and Theresa Richardson

Missionary, Africa, Mauritius, Reunion, Seychelles

Rusty and Adriane Riddick

Missionary, Africa, Sierra Leone

Terry and Cheryl Riddick

Missionary, Africa, Cameroon

Philip and Twyla Tolstad

Missionary, Africa, Uganda



Jack and Michiko Coolbaugh

Missionary, Asia, Thailand

David and Angela Doan

Missionary, Asia, Japan, Vietnam

Ed and Naomi Hosmer

Missionary, Asia, Japan, Ryukyu Islands

Les and Laura Clevenger

Missionary, Asia, Japan

James and Elizabeth Corbin

Missionary, Asia, Bangladesh

E.J. Kim

Missionary, Asia, South Korea

Richard and Jean Lucas

Missionary, Asia, Japan, Military District

Fonzell and Vanencia Marsh

Missionary, Asia, Japan, Military District

Prince and Suzana Mathiasz

Missionary, Asia, India

Stephen and Lynette O'Donnell

Missionary, Asia, Hong Kong

Leonard and Ping Lan Richardson

Missionary, Asia, Taiwan

Jim and Latitia Robertson

Missionary, Pacific, Philippines

Daniel and Monica Rushing

Missionary, Asia, South Korea

Allan and Georgene Shalm

Missionary, Asia, Pacific, Pakistan, Malaysia

Lynden and Kathy Shalm

Regional Director, Asia



Mark and Glenda Alphin

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Finland

Trecina Anderson

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Portugal

James and Mary Catherine Beek

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Channel Islands, United Kingdom

John and Susan Beek

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, United Kingdom

Marcus and Renee Brainos

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, France

Paul and Darla Brochu

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, France

Matthew and Angie Buckland

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Czech Republic

Ken and Kay Burgess

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Spain

Dean and Laureen Byfield

Missionary, Europe and the Middle East, France

Allan and Carla Calhoun

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Netherlands

Joe and Fanny Cooney

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Ireland

George and Cheryl Craft

Regional Evangelist, Europe/Middle East

Daniel and Tabitha DeTemple

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Republic of Georgia

Jeremy and Khrista Favors

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Luxembourg

Jonathan and Jenny Follmer

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Sweden

Amber Hackenbruch

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Switzerland


Luke and Larissa Havens

Missionary, Europe and the Middle East, Latvia

Nathan and Tanya Harrod

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Spain

John and Sherri Hemus

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, United Kingdom

Nathan and Halley Hulsman

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Switzerland

Robert and Jerolyn Kelley

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Channel Islands, Ireland, United Kingdom

Harold and Helena Kinney

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Faith Promise, Austria

Bobby and Tanya Lewis

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Germany

Robert and Beth McFarland

Regional Evangelist, Europe/Middle East

Terry and Cindy McFarland

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Ireland

Dennis and Stephanie Moore

Missionary, Europe/Middle East

Joshua and Christene Moreno

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Greece

Robert and Sheri Moses

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Russia

Ray and Judi Nicholls

Missionary, Europe/MiddleEast, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine

John and Anne Nowacki

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, France, Monaco

Kirby and Mary Parker

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Malta, North Africa

Daniel and Christine Patterson

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Romania

Michael and Jill Patterson

Missionary, Europe/MiddleEast, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania

Charles and Stacey Robinette 

Missionary, International Evangelist, Europe/Middle East, Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland

Oscar and Erin Rodrigues

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Portugal

Mark and Robin Shutes

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Baltic Republics, Belarus

Howard and Vonda Smith

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Spain

Mark and Mariann Starin

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Lebanon

Jonathan and Maria Strickland

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Ireland

Sim and Judy Strickland

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Armenia, Greece, Macedonia

Stephan and Debra Summers

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Cyprus

Steven and Jean Tir

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Serbia, Slovakia

Nate and Ingunn Turner

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Estonia

Shawn and Tammy Turner

Regional Director, Asia

Michael and Dianna Tuttle

Regional Director, Europe/Middle East

Dennis and Amy Uecker

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Latvia

Kevin and Crystal Wallace

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, France



Dwayne and Linda Abernathy

Missionary, Central America/Caribbean, Belize

J.R. and Janet Black

Missionary, Central America/Caribbean, Bermuda, Bahamas, ABC Islands

Ron and Terry Brian

Missionary, Central America/Caribbean, Haiti

Luke and Samantha Campbell

Missionary, Central America/Caribbean, Costa Rica

Steve and Danita Drost

Missionary, Central America/Caribbean, Mexico

Scott and Linda Guinn

Missionary, Central America/Caribbean, Cuba, Mexico

Lynne Jewett

Missionary, Central America/Caribbean, Guatemala

David and Alice Kline

Missionary, Central America/Caribbean, Leeward Islands

Gary and Kristi Landaw

Missionary, Central America/Caribbean, Puerto Rico,  Trinidad/Tobago

Joseph and Cassandra Landaw

Missionary, Central America/Caribbean, Trinidad/Tobago

Jayson and Nellie Long

Missionary, Central America/Caribbean, Nicaragua

Steve and Yvonne Nix

Missionary, Central America/Caribbean, Nicaragua

Henry and Sharon Ritchie

Missionary, Central America/Caribbean, French Guiana,  

Windward Island

Paul and Stephanie Rivero

Missionary, Central America/Caribbean, Puerto Rico

Amy M. Sawyer

Missionary, Belize, Central America/Caribbean

Bradley and Lycia Schreckhise

Missionary, Dominican Republic, Central America/Caribbean

David and Yonda Schwarz

Regional Director, Central America/Caribbean, South America

Steve and Kari Shirley

Missionary, Central America/Caribbean, Dominican Republic

Steve and Cheri Smith

Missionary, Central America/Caribbean, Guyana

Brad and Regina Thompson

Missionary, Central America/Caribbean, Guatemala



Aaron and Tiffany Anderson

Missionary, South America, Brazil

Dan and Debbie Barkley

Missionary, South America, Chile

Joey and Cristina Bir

Missionary, South America, Chile

Joseph and Loretta Bir

Missionary, South America, Paraguay, Peru

Lonnie and Gail Burton

Missionary, South America, Venezuela

Lonnie J. and Damarys Burton

Missionary, South America, Venezuela

Ken and Isabel Cooper

Missionary, South America, Brazil

Robert and Lisbeth Dame

Missionary, Bolivia, South America Missionary, South America,


John and Vonda Guidry

Missionary, South America, Colombia

James and Stacey Marse

Missionary, South America, Bolivia

Jacob and Mandy Palma

Missionary, South America, Uruguay

David and Yonda Schwarz

Regional Director, Central America/Caribbean, South America

Michael and Miriam Sponsler

Missionary, South America, Argentina

Michael and Ivonne Walmer

Missionary, South America, Brazil, Uruguay



Brandon and Mollie Borders

Missionary, Pacific, New Zealand

Roger and Becky Buckland

Regional Director, Pacific

David and Kelley Dibble

Missionary, Regional Evangelism, Pacific, Micronesia

Eddy and Della Mae Kennedy

Missionary, Pacific, New Caledonia

Peter and Robyn Gration

Missionary, Pacific, Vanuatu

Stephen Merritt

Missionary, Pacific, New Zealand

Troy and Jennette Wickett

Missionary, Pacific, Solomon Islands, Fiji