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Oneness Debater: Steven Ritchie

Pastor Ritchie is a prolific author and apologist for the Apostolic Christian Faith who was taught by prominent Oneness leaders such as David Bernard, David Norris, and Lee Stoneking through Kent Christian College in Dover Delaware.

Pastor Ritchie was ordained an Elder in 1993 and has been Pastoring and Evangelizing since 1996. Pastor Ritchie has written many books and articles on Oneness Theology, Creationism, Archaeology, Bible Prophecy, and Christian Discipleship, as well as many books and articles against Roman Catholicism, Islam, Arianism, Unitarian Socinianism, and other false religions.

Pastor Ritchie is the Director of Global Impact Ministries which maintains an apologetic focus on sharing and defending the true gospel of Jesus Christ globally. Most of Pastor Ritchie’s free books, articles, and videos are posted on the Global Impact Ministries Website at 

The two nights of Oneness vs. Trinity debate in Fort Myers came about as a result of repeated requests to have Oneness apologist and author Steven Ritchie debate Trinitarian apologist Sam Shamoun. Former Trinitarian Arabs and former Muslims who have become Oneness believers have been asking for such a debate for a long time because Mr. Shamoun's ministry is well known for converting Muslims to Christianity while promoting Trinitarianism among former Muslims. 

Mr. Shamoun has agreed to fly down to Fort Myers, Florida to participate in two nights of Oneness vs. Trinity Debate. We believe that the Lord has orchestrated two nights of debate which will be posted on YouTube for thousands to view later because this will expose former Muslims to the Oneness of God and the full Apostolic gospel message of first century Christianity. We believe that this is a great opportunity for us to share the true gospel to former Muslims and professing Christians among predominantly Islamic countries who have been deceived into believing the false Trinity doctrine which was developed by the apostate Roman Catholic Church. 

Our two debate nights will be held on Saturday and Sunday night July 13th and July 14th from 7:00 pm to 10:00 at the Church of the Cross in Fort Myers Florida located at 13500 Freshman Ln, Fort Myers, FL 33912

Trinity Debater: Sam Shamoun

Mr. Sam Shamoun is a native of Kuwait. He moved to the United States with his family at an early age. His religious background is based on teachings of the "Church of the East" or the "Nestorian Church," commonly practiced in most Assyrian homes. 

As an adolescent, Shamoun's faith often came under fire. His Christian beliefs were frequently challenged by those who maintained Islam as the "one true religion." From these unsettling encounters, he began to dig deeply into the basics of the Christian faith he confessed but wanted to know more about. After a thorough and critical examination of the Scriptures, his ability to share the Gospel and his capacity to answer skeptics’ questions – specifically Muslim objections -- increased dramatically.

Today, Shamoun is a frequent contributor to a prominent Website dedicated to challenging the teachings of Islam. Additionally, he engages in debates as an informed apologist refuting accusations and attacks leveled by proponents of Islam against Christianity.