The Case for Oneness Theology

By Steven Ritchie

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“What a highly anointed textbook on 'Oneness Theology'. This is a must read for all Baptists, Methodists, Apostolics, Assembly of Gods, Church of Gods, etc. A great evangelistic tool! Pastors contact me needing a book that provides a solid foundation in 'Oneness Theology'; this is IT.”

Dr. Bruce A. Klein, Th.D., President, Apostolic Theological Seminary,

“It is a pleasure to endorse Brother Steven Ritchie’s book, The Case for Oneness Theology, a subject that is close to my heart. We, who desire and seek true ‘Biblical Revival,’ are keenly aware that God can only ‘revive,’ truly, what is the original. He will not revive another Gospel! In my lifetime of study, and my 75th year of life, I have never been more convinced of the truth of the Apostolic message, and the integrity of Oneness Theology.  Both are biblically and historically correct. Real research verifies both. Brother Ritchie’s book will bless you, and equip you to fulfil the challenge that the Apostle Paul accepted, saying; ‘I am set for the defense of the Gospel’.” 

Bishop Samuel Smith, General Chairman, Apostolic World Christian Fellowship,


"The Case for Oneness Theology is a compilation of impressive, anointed, and uncontested proof of the Oneness of God and Christ. I highly endorse this writing inasmuch as Steven Ritchie has proven himself to possess an accurate apostolic apologetic. As an adjunct professor of the Rowe Bible Institute, Brother Ritchie has proven himself to be thorough in advocating and instructing undeniable biblical truths. I am certain that whoever will take the time to ingest these biblical facts will be greatly blessed."

Dr. Dwight D. Brock, D. Min., D.H.L., President Rowe Bible Institute


“Brother Ritchie has done outstanding research.  In particular, his finding’s on the early post-apostolic writers is accurate and helpful.  I recommend this fine book to anyone wanting more reflection on the Oneness message, and also desiring to understand the era immediately after the death of the apostles. Thank you, Brother Ritchie, for your immense sacrifice of time researching, reflecting, and writing this for us!”

Glen Davidson, M.A. in Church History from Bethel Seminary/Church History Professor, Christian Service Training Institute/Author of ‘The Development of the Trinity; The Evolution of a New Doctrine’ (Pentecostal Publishing House-UPCI)


Book Review by Pastor Steve Waldron,

New Life of Albany - Albany, Ga


"I have this amazing book and am currently reading it - what wealth of knowledge it holds! Brother Ritchie has done extensive research on church history as well as accurately expounding the scriptures with a proper exegesis. I highly recommend this book!"

-Pastor S. Croft



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